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The Lord's Cupboard, an ecumenical project of the Fort Dodge community provides individual people and families in need of emergency assistance in the greater Fort Dodge area.  Canned goods, paper, personal products, small quantities of meat and dairy products, bread and potatoes, as well as baby needs are a part of the inventory maintained for support of others in need.  The Cupboard works in cooperation with referral agencies in this area.

Support comes from local churches, food drives, the Food Bank of Iowa, as well as individual and corporate monetary donations for the purchase of perishable items as well as other supplies not provided through direct donation.

Currently, assistance is provided to nearly 340 persons per month.  Volunteers come from local churches and other interested persons in the community.

The Cupboard was started in the 1960's by members of First United Methodist Church and has been maintained in their facilities since that time.  It is presently housed in our Church Office building and operated as a not-for-profit agency in cooperation with the Fort Dodge Council of Churches. 


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